Setting up your dog for success and strengthening your connection

Building a Foundation for Success – Dog Training Package

When bringing a new dog into your home – whether it’s a puppy or rescue dog, it’s important to give proper direction and establish structure from the start – before bad behavior sets in. The purpose of this package is to set up your dog for success and strengthen the connection between dog and family. We’ll cover a series of topics over two sessions. The focus of both sessions will be tailored to your unique needs; which we’ll discuss during our initial phone call and the beginning of the first session.

Puppy Training

Depending on your dog, the relationship between you and your dog, the environment, and your existing level of behavior and training knowledge, the topics we cover may include:

  • Communication Basics – Sit, Wait, Come, Stay, etc.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Space/Place Planning
  • Equipment
  • Kennel Training
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Feeding
  • Interactions with Household/Neighborhood Pets
  • Playing Do’s & Don’ts
  • Housebreaking
  • Riding in a vehicle
  • 2 sessions, with each being 1-1.5 hrs
  • * The 2nd session may be split into 2 30-45 min sessions if appropriate.
  • $200 total

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Dog Training Services Territory

I’m located in Nashotah WI, and primarily serve the Lake Country area - Oconomowoc, Nashotah, Delafield, Hartland, Merton, and Pewaukee. But I do work with clients throughout Southeast Wisconsin (Waukesha County and Milwaukee County), extending into some of the surrounding counties.

Dog Exercise Services Territory

For my exercise services, I only take clients in the Lake Country area, and some of the surrounding cities. With a general territory within 15 miles of Nashotah WI.

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