Lover of animals and believer of good, in even the most challenging of dogs

Adam Ziles – Nashotah Dog Trainer

Helping with your dog’s behavior, through training and exercise

I’m focused on helping families with a challenging dog develop a better relationship with their dog. By modifying the dog’s behavior, introducing more exercise and stimulation when needed, and changing how the owner is communicating, the dog will live a better life and the owner will feel empowered and more confident in their ability to do more things with their dog.

The foundation of my approach involves getting to the root of the behavioral issue and having a clear understanding of the goals and the life you’d like to live with your dog. From there, we can work on managing or resolving the issue.

I’m located in Nashotah WI, and primarily serve Southeast Wisconsin (Waukesha County and Milwaukee County), extending into some of the surrounding counties. If you live somewhere else in Wisconsin or Northern Illinois, and have a dog with a behavior you’d like to try and change, and haven’t had any luck with a local dog trainer, I’d love to still hear from you. There are some things we can work through remotely, via travel, or I may have a resource or know another dog trainer in your area I can recommend.

Adam Ziles - Dog Trainer

My background with dogs includes having at least one dog in my life for the past 30+ years, including 11 dogs at one time, if you count the 8 rescued from a high-kill shelter in Los Angeles to then improve their health, rehabilitate, and adopt out. In the mid-2000s I partnered in starting and running a dog products and services retail brand in Southern California called Surf Dog Market. Over the past 15 years, I’ve been exposed to and learned many different methods of dog training, but been most influenced by shadowing with Brian Agnew in 2012, including ongoing mentoring since then, and through my volunteer time at HAWS in Waukesha WI; where I volunteered 2019-2020, working to rehabilitate dogs to improve their chances of getting adopted and be available for adoption (while a member of their Mod Squad team).

Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals

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Dog Training Services Territory

I’m located in Nashotah WI, and primarily serve the Lake Country area - Oconomowoc, Nashotah, Delafield, Hartland, Merton, and Pewaukee. But I do work with clients throughout Southeast Wisconsin (Waukesha County and Milwaukee County), extending into some of the surrounding counties.

Dog Exercise Services Territory

For my exercise services, I only take clients in the Lake Country area, and some of the surrounding cities. With a general territory within 15 miles of Nashotah WI.

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