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Dog Exercise & Training

Most dog breeds require some level of consistent exercise to be well balanced. When exercise is missing from a dog’s routine, health and behavior issues often present itself. Exercise, when included with good dog training practices, can also provide a foundation of communication and learning that strengthen the relationship with you and your dog; along with other humans and other dogs.

All the exercise services below start with an initial conversation and behavioral evaluation of your dog, where we’ll discuss topics like health, history, and behavior.

Knowing consistent exercise is important, committing to at least 2 exercise sessions per week is preferred (excluding the one-on-one exercise service).

Dog Exercise - Tyr in Lapham Peak

One-on-One Exercise:

This is a single scheduled 1-hour exercise with you, your dog, and me. During the exercise session, we’ll observe and discuss you and your dog’s communication and behaviors, and dog training methods to add into your exercise.

  • $50

Individual Exercise:

This is well-suited for a dog (or group within the same household) who isn’t well socialized or has behavioral issues when out in public. During our exercise, I’ll work on recall, sit, leash pulling, heel, leave it, and any behavioral sensitivity to the environment, people, and other dogs, that may present itself.

  • $40/session = 1-hour of exercise
  • If paid monthly in advance, it’s $35/session
  • *If the dog isn’t ready for a full hour of exercise, we’ll discuss an alternate plan and adjusted cost.

Group Exercise:

This activity is well-suited for a dog who is well socialized and doesn’t exhibit particular negative behaviors towards other dogs. The group that will exercise together will be carefully selected based on various factors. Typically a dog will need to have had at least a few individual exercise sessions before I’d be comfortable including it in a group exercise session. This exercise will work less on individual skills and behavior, and instead focus more on socialization and pack communication and behavior.

  • $35/session = 1-hour of exercise
  • If paid monthly in advance, it’s $30/session

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Dog Training Services Territory

I’m located in Nashotah WI, and primarily serve the Lake Country area - Oconomowoc, Nashotah, Delafield, Hartland, Merton, and Pewaukee. But I do work with clients throughout Southeast Wisconsin (Waukesha County and Milwaukee County), extending into some of the surrounding counties.

Dog Exercise Services Territory

For my exercise services, I only take clients in the Lake Country area, and some of the surrounding cities. With a general territory within 15 miles of Nashotah WI.

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