Modifying behavior and helping dog owners feel empowered

Behavior Modification, Dog Training

Most of a dog’s behavioral issues, when analyzed and approached correctly, can be solved (or better managed) with results that will improve your relationship with your dog, and better you and your dog’s life together. The methods and approaches we use to modify behavior start with us considering a number of factors, including: your dog’s natural tendencies, their learned behaviors, their triggers, the environment (in-home/outside/where bad behavior is exhibited), and your relationship and communication with your dog.

Behavior Modification

Initial Evaluation and Consultation:

We start with a phone conversation prior to us meeting. During our initial in-person session, we’ll start with a general observation of your dog’s behavior, and then discuss your dog’s history, walk through questions and answers related to the situation and environment, and goals. After this discussion we’ll work with your dog together to observe the behaviors we’re working on, and talk-through some training and handling methods that may be worked into a plan to modify your dog’s behavior.

This session will be 1-1.5 hour. After the session, I’ll prepare and email a detailed assessment and recommendations for a behavior modification and/or management plan. Depending on different variables and the complexities of your dog’s behavior, after this first session and my follow-up assessment and recommendations, you may be able to then work with your dog yourself. But if this is a more challenging situation, it may be recommended we meet for additional sessions.

  • $100

Additional One-on-One Sessions:

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the behavioral issue and a solution, additional one-on-one sessions may be recommended. These 1-1.5 hour sessions may be at your home, in a park, or at another place where the behavior is being exhibited.

  • $100/session
Some dog behavior issues:
  • Reactivity to other dogs or to people (e.g. shows aggression, fear, anxiety, excitement around other dogs or people)
  • Resource guarding (e.g. possessive with food, toys, furniture)
  • Pulls on leash or plays with/bites leash on walks
  • No or little recall (e.g. doesn’t come when you call at home, off-leash, dog park)
  • Separation anxiety (e.g. whines, barks, acts anxious when you’re not around)
  • Mouthiness or jumpiness (e.g. nips/mouths people when walking, playing)
  • Excessive barking (e.g. barks excessively when people or other dogs walk by)

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Dog Training Services Territory

I’m located in Nashotah WI, and primarily serve the Lake Country area - Oconomowoc, Nashotah, Delafield, Hartland, Merton, and Pewaukee. But I do work with clients throughout Southeast Wisconsin (Waukesha County and Milwaukee County), extending into some of the surrounding counties.

Dog Exercise Services Territory

For my exercise services, I only take clients in the Lake Country area, and some of the surrounding cities. With a general territory within 15 miles of Nashotah WI.

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